16 August, 2009

Whale Watching out of Cairns

As I had to go to Cairns for another function I took the chance to go whale watching. It was beautiful weather, an almost flat sea with a light breeze to keep one cool.This male dived and came up tail first. He gave us a wave but that was the most exciting display we saw close to.
After watching a few pods in the distance and a couple of single males at close quarters we were heading to shore satisfied but not thrilled with the afternoon. The skipper then announced that he had a call that Migaloo, the white Humpback Whale was seen 2 Nm north of us and would we mind being late back to port. Blow the book launch, show us the whale.
There it was, south of Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef, and heading south towards Cape Grafton.
The experience was only spoilt by a couple of idiots in a runabout approaching the whale at high speed and forcing it to dive; presumably in an attempt to get a closer look. they were well within the exclusion zone around any whale, let alone Migaloo's.
Still it was a great experience and a wonderful privillage to see this special creature.


Kara Humphrey said...

You got to see Migaloo....what an amazing experiance!!!!

Colleen said...

Alan, I was also fortunate to take a trip out to see the whales and have posted a poem about their majestic presence on my blog. I love your photos ! I'm envious! As you will see I had a simple little camera and was so disspointed I could not capture their impressive features as clearly as I would have liked. How lucky we are !!!

Alan Gillanders said...

Colleen, If you revisit this site you are welcome to post a link to your whale poem.