22 July, 2009

Peterson Creek, Yungaburra

On a cool but sunny afternoon, Maria nad I went for a walk along Peterson Creek. Under some shady rainforest trees some fungus was glowing brightly despite the recent dry weather. A little further down stream at Snodgrass Pool I thought I saw something under the far bank. A look with the binoculars showed it to be a Water Rat, Hydromys chrygaster.After grooming for about ten minutes it ran along the undercut bank and up to a hole. It almost fell backwards out of the hole. I am not sure if the hloe belongs to this rat or something else. The path to a Platypus burrow is usually more smoothed than this one was.
Then it was off to look for dinner.A female Little Bronze Cuckoo, Chrysococcyx minutillus, almost sat on Maria's hat but landed on the branch above her head instead. The picture below shows the colour of the wing with some lighton it. In full sun the wings have a strong bronze sheen.
We saw three species of parrots, four honeyeaters, three cuckoo-shrikes, two skinks and a Platypus. As we walked back through the village a flock of 20 Sarus Cranes flew over in V formation.

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Russell Constable said...

Very nice water rat photos Alan. Just saw one a few hours ago crossing the road at Eubanangee Swamp.A personal favorite!