15 September, 2009

The Australian "Oaks"

In Australia the Proteaceae family often have common names involving oak if they grow into trees. This is because of the oak like grain in a radial pattern. Other trees to be called 'oak' are the Sheoaks or Casuarina.
Below are two Proteaceae in flower at the moment: Darlingia darlingiana, white, and Alloxylon flameum, red. Above is the Banksia from yesterday's blog.
In most of the Proteaceae the flower bud opens by the tepals, undifferentiated perianth segments, opening to reveal the style standing proud. the Anthers are more or less stuck to the tepals and open before the bud so the pollen is left behind on the style and surrounding area. The style become receptive to pollen at a later stage.

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JRandSue said...

Outstanding Photography,every shot looks fantastic.