27 December, 2008

Time flies, true Flies and other 'flies.

It is almost the end of the year 2008. Like most years it seems to have gone very quickly until I look back on all that I have done and then I wonder how I managed to fit all that into just one year!
This is a great time of year for insects. Here a few I photographed in the last few days. The Bristle Fly above did not seen bothered by my thumb. Yes Mum, I have cleaned my nails, I was working in the garden!
Here is a painted Grasshawk which patrols my vege patch.
This one was rescued by Maria from a spider's web the day before. I know spiders have to live too but it was early morning and the spider was strictly nocturnal so the dragonfly was facing a long slow death.
Now they are coming in squadrons.
The Tau Emerald is not such a common sight in the garden. I am not sure what his mate is below.The three below dragonflies were photographed at Mt Hypipamee on Christmas Day. I do not know their names. the last one did not make it out intact.

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