21 September, 2008

Beetles Bite, Bugs Sux

Beetles bite but bugs suck.
If you are not sure have a look at the jaws on this curl grub, the larva of a rhinoceros beetle. The black bug below is sucking the life out of a beetle
Beetle larvae come in a variety of forms from slug like creatures to the curl grub illustrated above. The adults have two pairs of wings with the first pair hardened to form elytra which cover the flight producing and delicate hind wings. Beetles are the most common of animals, almost a third of all known species are beetles. You can see the destructive eating habits of the little glossy beetles shown below. This is the same species which lost one of its young to the tiny bug above. Like the adults in this species the larvae eat leaves and are quite active. While most beetle larvae eat leaves, some like those of fire flies feed on snails. Some beetle larvae are slow moving but the little fellow below is off looking for more food.
When I got the camera too close he climbed on board.

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